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Dating spring ring clasps

The design was multi- functional with a unique and elaborate buttoning system that protected not only the wearer's body, but also his legs with 2 large wrap around tail skirts.

It was considered quite stylish and therefor very popular among all the troops, including non-motorcycle personnel who wore the coat despite regulations.

The Schirmmtze (visor cap) that was purchased with this tunic is stamped "Fliegerschule Magdeburg".The original 1935 Service Tunic (see U124 above) was designated "Tuchrock" (cloth tunic) which was designed with an open collar.This tunic was replaced in 1938 with the 2nd pattern service tunic as we see here, with a single hook so it could be worn with an open or closed collar.The collar tabs were constructed from a satin rayon with a single gray metal gull, machine sewn to the collar with yellow cotton thread.The yellow wool piped shoulder straps are constructed from the same wool as the tunic, and were machine sewn into the shoulder seams at the time of construction. TURCK ww LDENSCHEID" on the reverse, while the 2 smaller shoulder strap buttons are stamped "EXTRA FEIN".

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This Luftwaffe field blouse or "Tarnjacke" is a 3/4 length outer garment simply constructed from a water proofed cotton duck material printed in the LW "Splinter B" pattern (Splittermuster 41) camouflage in shades of green, khaki, olive, brown, and tan.